Join our Wine Club and receive substantial discounts and special offers!

Pressing Matters Wine Club members receive two cases of carefully selected wines each year. Each selection, chosen by Greg Melick, includes vintages not available to the public and offer an opportunity to contrast new releases against our older and maturing vintages. Our approach of holding back vintages for our Wine Club members can take the guess work out of when to drink our wines at their best.

You will be sent two cases of selected wine each year: one in Autumn (March) and another in Spring (September). Each selection, set at $395 per case, is at a substantial discount to the regular retail price and is sent to you freight-free within Australia. Prior notice will be given of any price increases.

To become a member of the Wine Club, and for more information, you can email us or download, complete and return the PDF form below: Pressing Matters Wine Club Autumn 2017  or phone us on (03) 62 681947 to discuss.

The 2017 Autumn Selection includes:

Museum Release                    

1 x 2007 Riesling R0

1 x 2009 Riesling R9

2 x 2010 Riesling R69

2 x 2007 Riesling R139

Member Only Release

1 x 2010 Pinot Noir Block B


2 x 2016 Riesling R9

2 x 2014 Pinot

Current Release

2 x 2015 Riesling R9

Standing Order Membership
– If, however, you have a preferred wine in our range you can join the Wine Club Standing Order Membership to receive reduced prices on your selection of our current release wines (1 case per year – 10% discount, 2 cases per year – 15% discount).In addition Wine Club Members receive a 10% discount on any further purchases during the year and are invited to attend events at the winery such a Pressing Day during vintage.

Download all the information at Pressing Matters Wine Club Autumn 2017.