Pressing Matters

Located only 30 mins from Hobart in the Coal River Valley Pressing Matters Vineyard has been producing premium Tasmanian wine since 2006. We focus on two varieties, Pinot Noir and Riesling, which are extremely well suited to the cool climate of Tasmania’s Coal River Valley. We have a 7 Ha vineyard; half is planted with Pinot Noir – the remainder with Riesling.

We love to show people what we do!  Our cellar door is open by appointment so if you are travelling to Hobart or live in Tassie book a time, come and say Hi and try some great wine!

News: January 2019 – We are again proud to announce two new Trophies – Best 3 Year Old Pinot Noir and Best Sweet Wine in the recent Tasmanian Wine Show.  See our Shop for the Limited Release Pinot Trophy Trio.

News: August 2018 – We are proud to announce two new Trophies – Best Tasmanian Pinot in the 2018 Australian Pinot Challenge and Most Successful Tasmanian Exhibitor in the 2018 Royal Hobart Wine Show. 

Our Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir is unique in that we have over 18 different clone and rootstock combinations in the vineyard. Each combination has subtle but noticeable differences both in growth and flavours. Some will have larger bunches, some smaller, some grow upright, some like to flop. Some rootstocks are more tolerant of drought, others are not. Each combination has a different way of expressing the terroir of the vineyard; therefore each is picked by hand, and processed separately from the others. The wine is then stored in 100% French oak for 9-10 months before being bottled. This gives us 18 different wines that we taste individually and blend into our final wine.

The tasting of the 20 odd barrels (extra wine gets put into extra barrels) is not just to have an entertaining morning. If one of the barrels is not deemed to add significantly to the final blend it will be left out and bottled separately. This ensures that the final blend for each vintage is the best wine we can produce.

Often with a deep colour, our Pinot exhibits a good balance of red and black fruits with cherries and plums. We release it having already aged 3 or 4 years, so it is an older pinot than most, and as such has developed lengthy lines of acid and tannins and gives the wine a lovely long finish.

Our Riesling

We love Riesling and we like to show the diversity of the variety. To do this we make 4 different styles of Riesling by varying the residual sugar of the wine. The names of the wines are R0, R9, R69 and R139. Not the most glamorous, but these names reflect the amount of residual sugar in the wine (not the exact amounts but around these amounts in g/L). Aiming for minimal intervention in the winery, picking times are based on optimum ripeness and sugar levels in the fruit for the different styles.

There is a more in depth description of each of the styles of Rieslings here