Our Label

Visitors often ask us where the name Pressing Matters came from…

We had been trying to decide for a while a suitable name for our vineyard (you know it’s like trying to agree on a child’s name!) and as we were labelling in the very near future – this became imperative!

It was one of those serendipitous moments when our former partner’s sister came to visit and toured through the village of Richmond, stopping at Saddler’s Court (a wonderful gallery containing works by Tasmanian artists and crafts people). Here she happened upon a print by Tom Samek which contained the essential elements for our label – Wine, Barrels and Barristers and was titled Pressing Matters.


As luck would also have it Tom has been a good friend for many years and we were delighted when he designed our labels in the two colour-ways – Burgundy for the Pinot Noir and Green for our Rieslings.

Tom, who is of Czechoslovakian origin, perceives the English language in a humourous, witty and sometimes black manner.  Many of his works, including sculptures and mosaics, can be seen around the City of Hobart.  You can see more of Tom’s works here.